Thursday, June 20, 2013

Punching above my weight!

About 3 weeks ago i was sucked into participating in...BOOTCAMP (eek - cue scary music)! I signed and sealed my health, fitness and fate with frontline bootcamp.

In the weeks leading into it i felt so confident about my future activity, imagining myself 10 kilos lighter with super man abs and toned thighs to match. Then it came to 5 days, 3 days, 1 day before and then the mental games began. I started arguing with myself,  screaming at myself for agreeing to this absurd idea of bootcamp. I mean what was i thinking? I had only joined the gym 6 months ago...i wasn't ready for this mini olympic challenge!!! Then the day finally arrived, and it was a perfect melbourne day, pouring down with rain so i continuously checked my emails in hope that it would be cancelled...the email never came, So i faced my nightmare and headed to the river for my first bootcamp session.

Squats, lunges, Jogging, Ropes, Burpies and push ups! I did it. I conquered my first session of bootcamp and it really wasn't as bad as i had expected. 3 awesome encouraging trainers as well as some really good team mates supporting you. I was pumped and ready for saturday!

6:40 AM Saturday - WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?
Not being the happiest morning person alive i was really not pumped anymore for my session of burpies. We started off okay with a not too bad fitness test that i surprised myself in, as a lot of the stuff in it i do at the gym weekly anyway...then the running began. Running is probably my biggest weakness so you can imagine what I was feeling when I was told that we had to constantly run around a massive soccer pitch non stop for a good 15 to 20 minutes with only a breather to do burpies or squat jumps! I died. Simple as that, but i did it and at the end of that session i was so proud of myself for pushing myself at something i hate doing so incredibly much.

Last night i went to hell and back! The session was beyond the hardest I've done, it pushed me mentally as well as physically and i have the scars to match. It was a standard adrenalin pumping class with your squats and push ups mixed in however the last activity scarred me for life. Between running and squat jumps we were told when we heard one whistle we had to get down in the mud pool oval and ARMY CRAWL! Yes, army crawl...i might as well have jumped into a pool of mud and gone for a swim because at the end of this fun activity i was an exhausted drowned mud rat! From top to bottom i was soaked and my elbows grazed with lovely grass burns!

I may go home with dirty clothes, torn hamis and some elbow burns but I'm also going home with positivity, achievement and fitness. I feel I'm becoming stronger mentally as i am pushing my body physically to do things that i wouldn't have ever pushed myself to do. Although I'm still not the fittest i can be i know that slowly in time i will get to the fitness ability i desire to achieve and it can only be achieved by persistence and hard work. I really recommend jumping above your weight and heading into a bootcamp session as you really do change as a person physically and more importantly mentally as you will start to believe you CAN rather then you can't!



  1. WOW!! i really love your posts, they are amazing!!!<33 xx peach

  2. thanks so much peach i really appreciate it =) thanks for taking the time to read them xoxo tol

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