Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bootsma sacked…Social media next?

Carlton Football club’s recent sacking of football player Josh Bootsma due to inappropriate use of social media with sexual imagery has lead myself to question, who is to blame for the sexual obsession within our society? The use of social media has become an imperative part of our everyday lives including those as young as 12 years old. A study by Pew Internet found the alarming statistic that 73% of online American teens ages 12 to 17 used an online social network website, a statistic that has continued to climb upwards. It’s not just inappropriate sexual behaviour that seems to be unfolding constantly now with the use of social media but also the horrible “trolling” use of racism and bullying towards anyone through keyboard warriors. I found two interesting articles both based on Josh Bootsma’s use of the app Snap chat, discussing the perils of social media that I will discuss and evaluate.

The first article is from The Age newspaper with the headline “Josh Bootsma sacked, Peta Searle abused: the perils of social media”. This article written by Will Brodie discusses the correct decision to axe Josh Bootsma and the idea that social media use is taken for granted by the younger generation, “The generation coming through now, they’ve basically grown up with an iPhone in their hand”. This article demonstrates the negativity towards Bootsma’s inappropriate actions and the impact social media has on today’s society.

Josh Bootsma sacked, Peta Searle abused: The perils of social media

The second article written by David Penberthy for the Herald sun is an editorial piece that discusses the fact that we are all products within an environment that is made up of the digital age and obsession with sexual society, he states “Not only are people permanently connected, a lot of them a permanently aroused”. The title “Sexual obsession cheapens society” sides with Penberthy’s point that it is not Bootsma’s actions that should be discussed it is the actions of society and the internet world that we have now become. 

Sexual Obsession Cheapens our society

The article in the age has a significant concept of the fourth estate within social media and the media world. The fourth estate has always been known as the press, the media as Burke states, “that there were three Estates in Parliament, but in the Reporters Gallery yonder, there sat a fourth Estate more important far than they all”.  The idea that the fourth estate is diminishing due to social media is projected in this article, as Bainbridge states “While new technology has changed news practice forever, and audiences (through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and through blogs) are actively participating at a far greater rate in the manufacture of news”.  Thomas Hammaberg states that the media play an enormously important role in the protection of human rights, however social media has allowed the spread of online and citizen journalism which has created the ability to manipulate and produce idea behind a computer rather then from a author to audience relationship. This is represented in this article in relation to racism by trolls on sites such as instagram where recently Adam Goodes and Cyril Rioli were subjected to online bullying by unknown individuals, SEN morning host Andy Maher stated “Cowards, each and every one of the same types who spit filth at Adam goodes”.

Hegemonic power is heavily portrayed in both articles. Both authors are pushing the point that social media is not creating positivity within our society and to accept the idea that this behaviour is all stemmed from the acceptance and heavy use of social media with our young adults, “what was once a fantasy world now constantly encroaches into their daily lives” states Penberthy.

The public sphere according to O’sullivan is of something which is open and accessible to all and a key component of modern, participatory, democratic life. This theory is the dominant factor produced in both articles as they both discuss the idea of how our private lives are becoming the public lives with social media, as Bainbridge states today’s social networking sites (particularly Facebook) are similarly predicated on this idea of making the private public (or at least publicly accessible). Bootsma was delisted from the Carlton Football club for sending private sexually explicit images of himself on a public application and social media website, when did sexual images become appropriate for the public sphere? The articles both discuss how social media websites and platforms have allowed for this inappropriate behaviour to become acceptable and part of our lives, “for so many people, people like Josh Bootsma, traditional relationships have been debased and devalued to the point where they don’t know where the porn ends and real life begins” states Penberthy in the herald sun article.

Jordan Lewis spoke out in article one discussing the sympathy he has for the young celebrity players of the AFL whom take the use of social media for granted, “It’s not until when you get to the AFL level where everything is scrutinised that you realise that what you put on social media five years ago people can still access it…” As Bainbridge states “Celebrities are also cultural products, communicating a variety of ways of being. Celebrities construct or negotiate forms of identity, and can be both inspirational (‘I want to be like that person’) and aspirational (‘I want to be that person’)” this relates to the article as it shows the influence AFL players have on today’s society and how easily influenced they can be constructed to become by the pressures of social media and celebrity influences. An issues the AFL deal with on a regular basis is the fact that these footballers are now seen as modern day celebrities and they are “role models” to the behaviour and culture of today’s society and young generation. Bootsma’s actions were the final straw of bad behaviour and the strain on the reputation of the Carlton football club and the players.

Technological convergence is a focused theory in Penberthy’s article in the Herald Sun, as stated by Bainbridge “the internet has completely revolutionised the way we communicate, do business and access the media, because it allows for ever-increasing interactivity”. The internet has become so important in our everyday lives Penberthy discusses that we are not even able to distinguish between what is real life and what communication is merely through the internet, “not only are people permanently connected, a lot of them are permanently aroused”. The technological convergence of internet and culture is also discussed in Penberthy’s editorial “rather than being a trigger for universal disgust and alarm, for millions of people it became nothing other than a viral internet sensation which they shared with friends” which connects with Bainbridge’s point that the internet enables people to receive information from all over the world, thus assisting cultural convergence.

Post modernity is not seen in the article written by Brodie however; is promoted at the end of Penberthy’s article as he exclaims that Bootsma is just like every other person participating in the online and social media world and within modern society that type of behaviour has become more than acceptable around the world and in society. He compares Bootsma to anybody on Tinder, someone who filmed an inappropriate video and has now gone viral as well as anybody on a dating site, that type of behaviour has become acceptable in our society, “Josh Bootsma, chin up mate. You are no better, and no worse, than all the other weirdos out there”.
Both articles produce an authoritative mode of address to their acquired audience. The audience in both articles form both a formal and submissive relationship with the news delivered and the authors of the articles. I believe Penberthy’s article takes a different approach to targeting his audience in comparison with Brodies as he uses a subjective viewing position where he creates an image that we, (the audience) empathise with Boomsta’s actions and behaviour due to the effect of social media on today’s society. Brodie’s article in comparison positions his audience on the opposite end where he creates an idea that Boomsta’s actions and behaviour has no one to blame but himself and social media is just another gateway for these people to be allowed to act in this manner.

Both these articles are of high importance in a media spectacle. The actual event being reported (that being Boomsta is sacked for sending explicit images) is not in the public interest however; is interesting to the public. These types of events are always front-page news as it is openly an interesting event to the public however is not a necessity to know, one reader commented below Brodie’s article “this should be front page news and headlined for the next month. Punish carlton now.” This shows the importance of this event in the media spectacle.

Both articles produce a media spectacle for Bootsma’s sacking from the Carlton football club and produce the image that this type of event is interesting to the public. The fourth estate and the power of social media is promoted in both articles however; they do imply that maybe a fifth estate for social media is taking place as more and more people and civil journalism thoughts are being accepted in today’s society. Both articles push the negative impact and hegemonic power that the social media platforms are having on today’s society and the young generation, “what was once a fantasy world now constantly encroaches into their daily lives”. The public sphere is discussed in relation to how public our private lives are becoming due to the impact of social media within our every day lives. Penberthy in particular discusses how normal relationships have been changed and acted upon as now acceptable due to the impact of social media, “traditional relationships have been debased and devalued”. Celebrity culture will always have a significant impact on the young generation and with social media it is allowing their behaviour to be connected more easily with non-celebrity cultures creating a more acceptable behaviour when in fact it is not. The technological and cultural convergence is becoming more and more revolutionised with the use of social media and internet as we are now having more interactivity even with sexually explicit events such as Bootsma’s leaked snap chats. 

So I still ask the question…do we blame ourselves for the accepted behaviour due to social media or do we merely blame the convergence of technology and culture within the social media platforms?

Thursday, August 29, 2013


"This week I'm saving, this week I'm saving, this week I'm saving!" - These were the words repeated in my head all week, until WEDNESDAY came and i saw this picture on my instagram feed by FASHION BUNKER...

How do you resist an offer like that? 
30% off the entire fashionbunker website....ding ding ding, now "BARGAINS" was the word being repeated in my head!

Cameo, Finders Keepers, Senso and Keepsake are all brands i wear and LOVE
This is only my second time shopping on fashionbunker but i am definitely going to make more pitstops on this website more often,  the service was great and the delivery speed was exceptional! Always brightens your day getting a delivery at work on a thursday morning =)

Here are some special items that caught my eye:

Cameo Bustier - Black

Cameo Mr Fox Singlet - pink

Cameo Feel The Love top - Orange

Cameo Arthur Cape - Silver

Finders Keepers Somerset top - Floral

Finders Keepers New Baxter playsuit - Blue

Keepsake This and That Skirt - Black/silver

Thank you fashionbunker for giving me amazing discounts on such amazing products, cant wait to shop more with you guys!



Saturday, August 17, 2013

ANOTHER click!


Another Love; ANOTHER click away on ANOTHER shopping website i absolutely adore!
Another Love is an Australian online boutique showcasing amazing women's contemporary designer fashion. Brands on this website include 2 of my absolute favourites Cecile the Brand and Kenzo, as well as others such as J BRAND, Carven and Camilla and Marc.
Once in a while a girl wants to spoil herself with a little more then a basic tee, this is the website to head to and I'm going to admit I've been doing a bit too much spoiling of myself off this website lately (guilty as charged).
Heres a few of my favourite purchases recently:

 Cecile - Big C Cheetah Tee - $115
Cecile - Cheetah Circle Staple Tee - $115

Kenzo - Metallic Tiger Sweatshirt - 

J brand - Nash Boyfriend shorts - $190

I would also like to point out their high level of customer service. Its always hard to find good customer service these days and thats why its so valuable when you finally do! Another love provide truly amazing customer service compared to many especially when dealing with these types of brands. Whenever i have a question about a size or fit they are always quick to respond and help out with anything i need! 

Enjoy spoiling yourself at!



Saturday, August 10, 2013

Runway click!

Online shopping is just becoming harder and harder for me to ignore! With an endless wardrobe on your desktop and the quick delivery straight to your own REAL wardrobe, its just to hard to resist! Now i've always been a big fan of shopping instore especially to make sure i get that correct fit, however lately I'm seeing the same old thing in every single shop window and its just becoming plain old BORINGGGG!

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to give you a couple of posts on my top online stores that i find give you unique brands and styles with just a click of the button!  


This website directed by Susan Jacob is my #1 online shopping site. There is not one week that goes past where i don't visit this website. 

Runwayscout has amazing on trend and fashionable clothes at the most affordable prices. Now for all you girls that hate wearing that same outfit twice (especially when that camera is around) look no further, with Runway's affordable bargains you can steal a few sneaky purchases fortnightly (or weekly) to keep your wardrobe change regular ;)

Here are a few sneaky purchases I've come across in the last couple of weeks from this amazing site:

Finders keepers - coming home skirt $99

Essential striped top - $49

May the label - Insignia Singlet dress - $129 (comes in black and white)

Cameo - Lazy day's skirt - $129

Premonition - Mesh cut out top white (also comes in black) - $69

I love how the products on runway scout are so versatile and can be styled dressy or casual!  How can i go past a website that stocks my favourite brand - cameo the label! This brand gives such unique and different styles at such affordable prices, also how can i go past the fact that the kardashians are always wearing cameo, a very big tick in my books!

Not only does this website give you such amazing products, it also gives you A+ customer service! Susan is an absolute gem and she goes above and beyond to help you with any questions or desires you ask for. Her kind nature is why i continue to shop at this online store - who says online stores have no customer service? Susan will without fail respond to every instagram post or email you send her way and she is more then happy to go that extra mile for you and find products!

The below is an outfit setup i made for the weekend using all products i bought from runway scout (minus the shoes). So classy and different - won't see every 16 year old at the bar wearing this number ;)

So make sure your first online shopping spree hits that runway -

enjoy ladies 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Can't stand ya

I just keep reminiscing of that night i saw one of my favourite television characters come to life at crown!

With flashbacks of the funniest quotes in television history.. "can't stand ya" and "yadayadayada" how can i not chuck on seinfeld and do a marathon every weekend? See ya later social life!

Jason Alexander's 2 hour set was an explosion of laughs and constant flashbacks of the greatest show ever made...seinfeld! I was questioning myself when buying the tickets reminding myself that i was buying tickets to see Jason Alexander not George Costanza! I really didn't know whether he would be as funny and was it worth taking the risk with such high expectations of wanting to hear all my favourite seinfeld george costanza scenarios! Thank goodness i did or serious regrets would be running around in my brain forever! 

Jason played the exact same character as George Costanza using every day jokes to connect with the audience and playing on his baldness with the same emotional tones and hand gestures as George. It was so surreal seeing your favourite tv character right before your eyes.  

If you're a seinfeld fan you definitely didn't want to miss this one and heres waiting for the rest of the cast to make their way down under because i'll definitely be the first in line!

And remember, serenity now ;)


Monday, July 29, 2013

The Land Of Pho

For everyone with the travel bug fever i thought id give you a blog post on your next destination trip (start saving now)! ;)

The land of Pho better known as VIETNAM! Now I've always been a thailand traveller (4 times now) and when my family suggested Vietnam as somewhere different i googled the weather, the beaches and the shopping and i knew it was the next perfect destination!

We landed this amazing deal on for accommodation in both Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh so from then on it was 8 months of torture counting the days until id be sitting by the pool drinking my cocktails!

First stop was Hoi An (Danang)! For anyone deciding where to go in Vietnam...Hoi An is an absolute must! Perfect for your relaxing destination with a bit of hustle and bustle at night! Our hotel was Sunrise Resort Hoi An and it was just breathtaking. Rooms were spacious (even sharing with my doona hog little sister), Pools were sparkling and the private beach was beautiful!

Hoi An is definitely more of a relaxing destination so my day time consisted of tanning, swimming, eating, drinking on repeat from 10am to 5pm. Its a good life. 

With our hotel deal we were very lucky and had every single meal included in our package so trust me we took advantage coming home with 5 kg extra on our body each. One night however we decided we wanted to try some traditional vietnamese food on the streets of Hoi An city. We asked our friendly tailors where we should go and they recommended this place (i can't remember the vietnamese name) Cafe 43. Tucked away in a secluded lane way we were thinking what is this? The sign stated it was recommended by Lonely Planet so we felt this was a sure win and were we correct, the food was just mind-blowing. Traditional vietnamese food exploding in my mouth for less then $25 including drinks, i was in heaven! 

In my recent post about my Vietnam buys i speak about the tailoring services in Vietnam so please have a look because i highly recommend getting those pieces you've had your eyes on tailored in Hoi An at my favourite tailor Toan Cau!

Hoi An was beautiful and we were very sad to leave however this wasn't the end of the trip as we headed to the famous Ho Chi Minh City!

Now with this city, you really have to see it to believe it! With a population of 9 million people in one city you can imagine the crazy lifestyle these people live. I think the traffic and travel side of things was probably the most shocking for me. With 6 million bikes on their roads its was crazy! I have never seen anything like it, with absolutely no traffic signals (and even if there was one noone would follow it) and no lanes it was organised chaos! Imagine trying to cross over the freeway as a just have to do it in Ho Chi Minh...absolutely crazy!

Ho Chi Minh was a very busy 3 days and we tried to get in much of the touristy stuff as we could. The first day we arrived we knocked out a few, the first being The Reunification Palace which was the palace of which during the Vietnam War the presidents stayed and held meetings. Definitely an interesting building to see especially upstairs where you see the 2 spots bomb hit during the war. I highly recommend getting a free tour during your time there as otherwise you really wouldn't have any idea what your looking at because there are no signs. Our next stop was the Notre Dame, now to be honest that was one i think we would have skipped as it was probably not even as pretty as most of our churches at home in Australia however it was interesting to see the influence of the French during the war. We then headed to the War Remnants museum which i was very excited about as the Vietnam War has always really interested me. The tanks and planes outside were amazing to see however when venturing inside we were hit with some serious propaganda. It really wasn't a museum we see at home with objects from the war it was pretty much a 2 level building of horrible photos of the impact of the war on the Vietnamese people. It was interested yet shocking at the same time and wasn't very fond of it in the end.

I unfortunately had some asthma issues so i was unable to go with my sister and dad to the Chu Chi Tunnels however they said it was one of the most amazing experiences they have ever had so i highly recommend taking the hour trip down there.

Instead i spent my day shopping with my mum at the diamond plaza and we picked up some amazing buys so once again definitely have a look at my recent post!

That night we headed to watch a traditional water puppetry show, yes i know a WATER puppet show! It was actually really interesting and entertaining with creative little puppets and singing dancing in the water so for something different i recommend seeing it!

Now don't think we didn't head to vietnam without trying their FAMOUS PHO! And now i know why its their famous dish! We went to PHO 2000 (pho for the president) which is located near the ben thanh market and it is where President Clinton had a bowl of Pho when in Vietnam. It was delicious! 

Unfortunately its back to reality for me but i will definitely love to venture off to vietnam again!

Enjoy Travel Bugs,


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Punching above my weight!

About 3 weeks ago i was sucked into participating in...BOOTCAMP (eek - cue scary music)! I signed and sealed my health, fitness and fate with frontline bootcamp.

In the weeks leading into it i felt so confident about my future activity, imagining myself 10 kilos lighter with super man abs and toned thighs to match. Then it came to 5 days, 3 days, 1 day before and then the mental games began. I started arguing with myself,  screaming at myself for agreeing to this absurd idea of bootcamp. I mean what was i thinking? I had only joined the gym 6 months ago...i wasn't ready for this mini olympic challenge!!! Then the day finally arrived, and it was a perfect melbourne day, pouring down with rain so i continuously checked my emails in hope that it would be cancelled...the email never came, So i faced my nightmare and headed to the river for my first bootcamp session.

Squats, lunges, Jogging, Ropes, Burpies and push ups! I did it. I conquered my first session of bootcamp and it really wasn't as bad as i had expected. 3 awesome encouraging trainers as well as some really good team mates supporting you. I was pumped and ready for saturday!

6:40 AM Saturday - WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?
Not being the happiest morning person alive i was really not pumped anymore for my session of burpies. We started off okay with a not too bad fitness test that i surprised myself in, as a lot of the stuff in it i do at the gym weekly anyway...then the running began. Running is probably my biggest weakness so you can imagine what I was feeling when I was told that we had to constantly run around a massive soccer pitch non stop for a good 15 to 20 minutes with only a breather to do burpies or squat jumps! I died. Simple as that, but i did it and at the end of that session i was so proud of myself for pushing myself at something i hate doing so incredibly much.

Last night i went to hell and back! The session was beyond the hardest I've done, it pushed me mentally as well as physically and i have the scars to match. It was a standard adrenalin pumping class with your squats and push ups mixed in however the last activity scarred me for life. Between running and squat jumps we were told when we heard one whistle we had to get down in the mud pool oval and ARMY CRAWL! Yes, army crawl...i might as well have jumped into a pool of mud and gone for a swim because at the end of this fun activity i was an exhausted drowned mud rat! From top to bottom i was soaked and my elbows grazed with lovely grass burns!

I may go home with dirty clothes, torn hamis and some elbow burns but I'm also going home with positivity, achievement and fitness. I feel I'm becoming stronger mentally as i am pushing my body physically to do things that i wouldn't have ever pushed myself to do. Although I'm still not the fittest i can be i know that slowly in time i will get to the fitness ability i desire to achieve and it can only be achieved by persistence and hard work. I really recommend jumping above your weight and heading into a bootcamp session as you really do change as a person physically and more importantly mentally as you will start to believe you CAN rather then you can't!