Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Can't stand ya

I just keep reminiscing of that night i saw one of my favourite television characters come to life at crown!

With flashbacks of the funniest quotes in television history.. "can't stand ya" and "yadayadayada" how can i not chuck on seinfeld and do a marathon every weekend? See ya later social life!

Jason Alexander's 2 hour set was an explosion of laughs and constant flashbacks of the greatest show ever made...seinfeld! I was questioning myself when buying the tickets reminding myself that i was buying tickets to see Jason Alexander not George Costanza! I really didn't know whether he would be as funny and was it worth taking the risk with such high expectations of wanting to hear all my favourite seinfeld george costanza scenarios! Thank goodness i did or serious regrets would be running around in my brain forever! 

Jason played the exact same character as George Costanza using every day jokes to connect with the audience and playing on his baldness with the same emotional tones and hand gestures as George. It was so surreal seeing your favourite tv character right before your eyes.  

If you're a seinfeld fan you definitely didn't want to miss this one and heres waiting for the rest of the cast to make their way down under because i'll definitely be the first in line!

And remember, serenity now ;)


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