Thursday, August 29, 2013


"This week I'm saving, this week I'm saving, this week I'm saving!" - These were the words repeated in my head all week, until WEDNESDAY came and i saw this picture on my instagram feed by FASHION BUNKER...

How do you resist an offer like that? 
30% off the entire fashionbunker website....ding ding ding, now "BARGAINS" was the word being repeated in my head!

Cameo, Finders Keepers, Senso and Keepsake are all brands i wear and LOVE
This is only my second time shopping on fashionbunker but i am definitely going to make more pitstops on this website more often,  the service was great and the delivery speed was exceptional! Always brightens your day getting a delivery at work on a thursday morning =)

Here are some special items that caught my eye:

Cameo Bustier - Black

Cameo Mr Fox Singlet - pink

Cameo Feel The Love top - Orange

Cameo Arthur Cape - Silver

Finders Keepers Somerset top - Floral

Finders Keepers New Baxter playsuit - Blue

Keepsake This and That Skirt - Black/silver

Thank you fashionbunker for giving me amazing discounts on such amazing products, cant wait to shop more with you guys!




  1. I had the same problem.....went a bit crazy with the bargains. I cant wait for my delivery!

    1. haha so true how can you say no? i got mine yesterday...LOVEEEEE! enjoy your purchases xx