Saturday, August 10, 2013

Runway click!

Online shopping is just becoming harder and harder for me to ignore! With an endless wardrobe on your desktop and the quick delivery straight to your own REAL wardrobe, its just to hard to resist! Now i've always been a big fan of shopping instore especially to make sure i get that correct fit, however lately I'm seeing the same old thing in every single shop window and its just becoming plain old BORINGGGG!

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to give you a couple of posts on my top online stores that i find give you unique brands and styles with just a click of the button!  


This website directed by Susan Jacob is my #1 online shopping site. There is not one week that goes past where i don't visit this website. 

Runwayscout has amazing on trend and fashionable clothes at the most affordable prices. Now for all you girls that hate wearing that same outfit twice (especially when that camera is around) look no further, with Runway's affordable bargains you can steal a few sneaky purchases fortnightly (or weekly) to keep your wardrobe change regular ;)

Here are a few sneaky purchases I've come across in the last couple of weeks from this amazing site:

Finders keepers - coming home skirt $99

Essential striped top - $49

May the label - Insignia Singlet dress - $129 (comes in black and white)

Cameo - Lazy day's skirt - $129

Premonition - Mesh cut out top white (also comes in black) - $69

I love how the products on runway scout are so versatile and can be styled dressy or casual!  How can i go past a website that stocks my favourite brand - cameo the label! This brand gives such unique and different styles at such affordable prices, also how can i go past the fact that the kardashians are always wearing cameo, a very big tick in my books!

Not only does this website give you such amazing products, it also gives you A+ customer service! Susan is an absolute gem and she goes above and beyond to help you with any questions or desires you ask for. Her kind nature is why i continue to shop at this online store - who says online stores have no customer service? Susan will without fail respond to every instagram post or email you send her way and she is more then happy to go that extra mile for you and find products!

The below is an outfit setup i made for the weekend using all products i bought from runway scout (minus the shoes). So classy and different - won't see every 16 year old at the bar wearing this number ;)

So make sure your first online shopping spree hits that runway -

enjoy ladies 


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